Justyna Godlewska-Iskierka I am an artist by profession and passion. I was shaped by my artistic mamily in particular by my parents, who both are artists. Father - graphic designer, mother - interior architect, and weaver and uncle - a ceramic artist and a teacher. Grandfather - Aleksander Lech Godlewski well-known ethnographer had also been painting. He was a researcher of Oceania Islands and was fond of Gauguin's creation.

Podczas studiów urzekło mnie malarstwo nieznanego mi jeszcze wówczas Nicolasa de Staëla . I discovered in his paintings elements close to my way of looking.

I also early have learned to listen to the classical music, which I built into my life and which is the driving force at every stage.

Apart from music, inspiration comes from nature, architecture and travel, from which I bring memories and after some time I transform them into paintings.
I have defended my diploma in painting and graphic design in 1998 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.


I work as a computer graphic designer and artist and I paint paintings, sometimes illustrations and portraits.

I'm painting in parallel. So far, many paintings have found their place in Poland and abroad (France, Belgium, the Netherlands). From time to time I show the effects of work at exhibitions. "Climate of city" is the topithem of them.. I invite you to watch and share impressions and If You would like, to place orders.

....................... Justyna Godlewska-Iskierka

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